Our Teams

Club Overview

Charlotte Harbor Paddlers is 60 members strong, and growing. Since its formation in 2006, the club has directed a well-planned succession of seasoned head coaches who are also world-class dragon boat athletes. Consequently, our team's race performance rivals the best of Florida's elite teams. Our paddling season runs from October through May. During these months, we hold three or more morning practices per week in Cape Coral and Punta Gorda, FL, and compete in approximately five local and regional races across the state of FL. Our members are dedicated to attending regular team practices, as well as engaging in individually-directed training focused on improving overall fitness, strength, and endurance on off-water days. Occasional social gatherings off the water add to the team esprit de corps.

New members of the club are mentored by top athletes in the sport as they learn at their own pace and gradually build and maintain aerobic fitness. Additionally, they enjoy the camaraderie of a group of like-minded folks who share a common bond of the love of fresh air, exercise, teamwork, and being on the water.

Since 2006, our organization has evolved into three teams. Whether you are an accomplished paddler or looking to try dragon boating, the fastest growing international team water sport, you'll find what you need with one of our teams.

Draggin' Dragons, the original Charlotte Harbor Paddlers team, is also the club's core team for all members. We regularly practice three or more times per week during the racing season(Oct - April), and race in 20 or 10 person boat races locally and across the state of Florida. During the off-season for racing, the club may also hold practices. All levels of paddling experience are welcomed.

The practice schedule for is usually three mornings a week (typically Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), weather dependent . When demand exceeds number of available seats, the club may opt to run a second morning practice. Additional practices may be scheduled leading up to an upcoming race.

Vogue Dragons is SW Florida's women's red hot dragon boat team! Female paddlers from Draggin' Dragons come together to compete in the women's division of local and regional races across the state of FL and elsewhere. When paddling with Vogue Dragons, you are not just competing in an all-women's boat - you are a part of a very special sisterhood. The Vogue Dragons team motto is:

"Victory in paddling, our team is just awesome. Red hot dragons who never play 'possum. On or off the water, no stronger spirit reigns. We are fearless women with beauty, brawn, and brains."

Rogue Dragons is the club high-performance elite team which competes in 10 person dragon boat races. Members must undergo certain testing criteria (erg time trials and other fitness tests) to qualify to be selected for the Rogue Team roster.. For each race, the coaching staff will invite experienced club paddlers to participate.