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Ready for a transformative team sport that offers low-impact exercise and a fun cardio workout? Dragon boating with Charlotte Harbor Paddlers provides that, and much more! Dragon boating is the fastest growing competitive racing water sport worldwide, and anyone who is willing to learn a new physical activity can participate. Adding to the experience is enjoying the team spirit and camaraderie that develops as paddlers regularly practice and race together. Join Charlotte Harbor Paddlers for a unique form of exercise that will boost your energy, bring out your competitive spirit, take your fitness to a new level, and open your world to something different and fun - something you never imagined yourself doing.

Orientation Materials for Prospective and New Members

Membership Levels - Three Options to Accommodate Your Level of Interest and Commitment

The Club Membership year runs from January to January. Membership is open to all paddlers. Prospective members can practice twice (at no charge) without any obligation to join the club. The club furnishes paddles and vests for use in the first year. When a new member is ready to invest in their own personal equipment, discounts are available through the Southeast Dragon Boat Association (SRDBA) as part of group orders placed through the club several times a year. Club race shirts and hats are purchased by the paddler.

Associate Membership

After two complimentary practices, this membership is designed for those new paddlers who are undecided about joining CHP. An Associate Member can practice for up to one year in accordance with the Club Membership year (January to January) on a space available basis. Associate Members pay $75.00 for unlimited practice time from the date they join through the end of the Club Membership year, subject to seat availability. If the boat is full for any practice, preference will be given to Preliminary and Full Members.

An Associate Member does not have voting privileges.

Preliminary Membership

A Preliminary Member is an individual who has paid the annual club dues of $175 in his/her first membership year (January to January, or from the month of joining through the following January) for assurance of unrestricted access to practices and participation in races open to all members. A Preliminary Member does not have voting privileges.

Full Membership

Full Membership commences at the conclusion of Preliminary or Associate Membership, ie upon the beginning of the subsequent first Club Membership year which starts in January. A full member pays a one-time initiation fee of $150/individual or $200/couple, plus the club annual dues of $175per person. Members that have met these requirements have the benefits of Preliminary Membership, as well as voting privileges.

The annual SRDBA membership fee is $15, payable by each paddler. Additionally, race fees range from approximately $50-$75 per race, payable by each paddler, for those selected to be on the race roster.

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